To recognize members of IEEE ComSoc who have been involved with the Women in Communications Engineering Committee (WICE), have done outstanding technical work in the broad field of communications engineering, and have achieved a high degree of visibility in the field.


The WICE Outstanding Achievement Award will be presented in each calendar year. A maximum of one award will be given per year. If no suitable candidate is nominated in a given year, the award will not be presented for that year. Recognition for this award will be in the form of a plaque.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations will be solicited by email from the WICE members. The nomination can be made through this online form by Oct 1st, 2023 (11:59 pm anywhere on Earth). The nomination should include a concise description of the candidate’s outstanding technical contribution to the broad field of communications engineering (limit 1 page) and any supporting material showing the significance of the nominee’s contribution (limit 1 page). Any person may nominate a candidate for the award, except the members of the WICE Outstanding Achievement Award Selection Committee.

Eligibility Criteria

Any individual, except for members of the WICE Outstanding Achievement Award Selection
Committee may be nominated for the award, if the following criteria are met:
● the candidate must be an IEEE ComSoc Member and a WICE member at the time of nomination;
● the candidate must have made significant technical contributions to the broad field of communications engineering;
● the candidate cannot be a recipient of the award in the year previous to the nomination.

Award Selection Committee

The recipient of the WICE Outstanding Achievement Award is decided by the WICE Outstanding Achievement Award Selection Committee, which is chaired by the WICE Chair. The committee also consists of the other WICE officers plus one additional WICE member nominated by the Award Selection Committee Chair.
Support for the Award

The WICE Outstanding Achievement Award plaque is supported by the IEEE ComSoc.

Award Presentation

The award will be presented either at the IEEE Globecom or ICC conferences or at the WICE biennial workshop.