• All IEEE ComSoc student members (undergraduate/postgraduate) can participate in this contest.
  • Each team may comprise up to 6 student members for the organization, in which 50% of the team members should be affiliated to ComSoc. 

Event Categories:

Teams can select one of the following events to commemorate International Women’s day:

  1. Wall of Fame, a display to highlight the achievements of women in your organisation who have reached significant milestones in their careers or who have made a significant impact in the organisation. 
  2. Thank her video capturing participants highlighting women who inspire them.
  3. Q&A session with a group of change-making women to discuss embracing equity in all aspects of women’s lives.
  4. Experts talk or panel discussion with women in communication engineering sharing their life experiences, knowledge, and expert advice.
  5. Any event that coincides with the theme of this contest.

Selection Criteria:

  1. The participants can submit a video or pictures capturing their event.
  2. The maximum video length is 180 seconds. All videos must be in English, or if in another language, must include English subtitles.
  3. Pictures must be accompanied by a title and a short description in English.
  4. The work must showcase imagination and creativity to balance technical and aesthetic parts.
  5. Event organizing teams may use the hashtag (i.e., #WICE23) to announce and share information on social platforms. Accordingly, attendees’ testimonies comprising their thoughts and observations will be considered.


  • The event must be conducted during March, after which a deadline of 1 week will be given to prepare the contributions.
  • Each team can submit only one entry by selecting one event category.
  • Each team must submit their event’s evidence, including all the required documentation; otherwise, it will not be considered.
  • The teams must ensure the consent of the event hosts and speakers before submitting the video recordings and pictures capturing them.

Submission Form:

  • Participants can submit the video/image files using the submission form below by filling in the necessary details :

Submission Form


Two award winners’ teams will be selected, and each winning team will receive a cash prize with the following distribution:

  • 1st Place: USD $400 per team
  • 2nd Place: USD $300 per team

In addition, one team out of the remaining will receive a consolation prize of USD $100 per team. 

The funds will be transferred to one person indicated by the team or to the local student branch (if the participants are part of one). 

A certificate of participation will be given to every team participating in this contest. 

Submission Deadline: April 8, 2023