Dr Mona Jaber is a Senior Lecturer on the Internet of Things at Queen Mary University of London. She is a leading expert in mobile communication with a specialisation in radio and backhaul design of cellular networks; a topic in which she published multiple articles including the top 75 most cited paper in IEEE Access. Since joining QMUL in 2019, she started a new research group that examines the intersection between IoT and machine learning in the context of sustainable living. Three fast-evolving research directions have emerged where the first investigates multi-modal data in the modelling of urban mobility, the second examines data privacy-preserving machine learning for smart energy and health, and the third elaborates the digital twin paradigm as a simulation platform for IoT-enabled sustainable living.

In 2023, she launched a new multidisciplinary research lab titled Digital Twins for Sustainable Development Goals which features a multidisciplinary team for ushering in SDG-related research through technical innovation related to IoT, AI, and Digital Twins.