Peiying Zhu

Talk title: “A brief story of 5G”


Wireless cellular industry has evolved from the 1st to the 4th generation, roughly one generation every 10 years since 1980s. It is expected that 5G will emerge in 2020s. What is 5G? Is 5G a continuing evolution of 4G or a game changer? This talk will provide a high level vision of 5G and its potential impact on our society; a brief introduction of  the efforts bring 5G into reality both in standard and research.


Peiying ZhuDr. Peiying Zhu is a Huawei Fellow. She is currently leading 5G wireless system research in Huawei. The focus of her research is advanced wireless access technologies with more than 150 granted patents. She has been regularly giving talks and panel discussions on 5G vision and enabling technologies. She served as the guest editor for IEEE Signal processing magazine special issue on the 5G revolution and co-chaired for various 5G workshops. She is actively involved in IEEE 802 and 3GPP standards development. She is currently a WiFi Alliance Board member.

Prior to joining Huawei in 2009, Peiying was a Nortel Fellow and Director of Advanced Wireless Access Technology in the Nortel Wireless Technology Lab. She led the team and pioneered research and prototyping on MIMO-OFDM and Multi-hop relay. Many of these technologies developed by the team have been adopted into LTE standards and 4G products.

Peiying Zhu received the Master of Science degree and Doctor Degree from Southeast University and Concordia University in 1985 and 1993 respectively.