The operation of the WICE committee follows the IEEE ComSoc bylaws. For a complete listing of the IEEE ComSoc bylaws please visit:

“7.4.16 – Women in Communications Engineering –This committee is responsible for encouraging the participation and membership of women communications engineers in the Society.The Chair is appointed by the President to a two-year term, and the appointment can be extended of one additional term. The Chair reports to the Vice President-Member and Global Activities (VP-MGA).Voting members are appointed by the Chair to a two-year term upon approval of the Vice President-Member and Global Activities (VP-MGA), and their appointment can be extended of one additional term. The committee will meet at least once a year at ICC or GLOBECOM. It will provide an annual written report, which will be distributed to the Society President, Vice Presidents, and Technical Committee Chairs prior to each ICC.”

Policies and Procedures of Women in Communications Engineering (WICE) Committee


The Women in Communications Engineering (WICE) committee is responsible for encouraging the participation and membership of women communications engineers in the Society, promoting their visibility, and providing a venue for their professional growth.


The objectives of WICE standing committee are:
a. Promote the visibility and roles of women communications engineers
b. Initiate, stimulate and coordinate activities of WICE
c. Foster connections among the under-represented women in communications and related research fields
d. Foster the provisioning of ComSoc’s technical, professional development, and information services to its members
e. Advocate for the interest and opinions of WICE and represent their interests in establishing the policies and procedures of ComSoc
f. Support information exchange and collaboration with other ComSoc boards,
councils and committees
g. Support information exchange and collaboration with other groups within IEEE and sister societies.

WICE Committee Meetings

The WICE committee meetings will be held in locations convenient to its
members or by teleconference at least once a year. One in-person WICE
committee meeting will take place during either GLOBECOM or ICC each
year. The agenda will be distributed in advance and the minutes will be
posted on the WICE website, and approved at the following meeting.

WICE Procedures to Transact Business

In addition to the WICE committee in-person meetings, WICE will transact its business via email and teleconference discussions. Voting shall take place at in-person and teleconference WICE meetings or via email.

Voting at meetings (in person and teleconferences) will follow the normal voting procedure. Voting via email is allowed with the following restrictions:
• Email discussion on items that will be voted on shall always have every voting member in copy, so all are informed and have a chance to participate;
• If two committee voting members declare they feel uncomfortable with voting via email and prefer to have a meeting to discuss the matter, then there shall be no email voting and the chair shall schedule a meeting.
Any voting member can request an email vote after the topic has been discussed over email for at least 7 days.

The Chair or Vice-Chair shall prepare the question and initiate the voting procedure:
• The voting window shall be at least 7 calendar days.
• Members should vote replying to the sender of the vote request and a designated staff member.
• The Chair or Vice Chair shall send out to the committee the voting results.
• Motion passing shall require a majority of all voting members – as per IEEE
Bylaw I-300.4.(4).

WICE Chair
The WICE Chair is a voting member of the committee. The WICE Chair will report to the ComSoc VP-MR and endeavor to represent the interests of WICE. The Chair may appoint WICE representatives to other ComSoc organizations and meetings, when appropriate.
The WICE Chair is responsible for the preparation and distribution of information of WICE activities to ComSoc executives, organizations and meetings. The WICE Chair will represent WICE to other ComSoc organizations.
WICE Committee Organization 

In addition to the Chair, the WICE committee shall have the following voting members:
a. Vice-Chair
b. Publicity Chair
c. Secretary
d. IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC) Society Coordinator
e. Awards Sub-Committee Member-at-Large
f. Up to five Members-at-Large

As per bylaws, the above voting members shall be appointed by the Chair with the approval of the VP-MR. Up to three of the five Members-at-Large shall be former WICE Chairs. At the discretion of the WICE Chair, additional non-voting members may be appointed, performing tasks such as industry relations and student activity coordinators.

Anybody interested in participating in WICE activities, or attending WICE in-person meetings, or signing up for the WICE mailing list is a WICE non-voting member.

Terms of Office, Vacancies, and Removals

If the WICE Chair position becomes vacant prior to its term expiration, the ComSoc President shall appoint a Chair to complete the term, with approval of the VP-MR.
If the position of a WICE voting member becomes vacant prior to its term of expiration, the WICE Chair shall appoint a voting member to complete the term with the approval of the VP-MR.
The Chair may remove members with the consent of the Committee and the VP-MR.

Roles and responsibilities

The Vice-Chair will support the WICE Chair in:
(a) coordinating WICE activities;
(b) initiating new WICE activities;
(b) nominating deserving WICE individuals for various distinctions and awards;
(c) organizing joint activities with under-represented groups within IEEE and sister societies.

The Publicity Chair will support the WICE Chair in:
(a) maintaining an up-to-date website;
(b) maintaining an active WICE Facebook site and LinkedIn group;
(c) promoting WICE activities to ComSoc members by various means;
(d) connecting to the IEEE staff for any WICE publicity-related issues.

The Secretary will support the WICE Chair in:
(a) coordinating the WICE meetings, arranging the meeting time schedule, reserving the meeting room and food, and informing the members via the e-mail list;
(b) preparing reports for the WICE committee and MR council meetings;
(c) recording the minutes of the WICE meeting;
(e) keeping contact with the WICE voting members and Chair;
(f) sending announcements to the WICE e-mail list.

The IEEE WIEC Society Coordinator shall be the liaison between WICE and WIEC. The individual will be in contact with IEEE WIEC, participating in various WIEC sub-committees, and informing WICE about any possibility of joint activities. The IEEE WIEC Society Coordinator, the WICE Chair or another voting member shall attend the annual WIEC meeting and associated conference, with travel support from the VP-MR.
Members-at-large will advise/support other voting members in their WICE committee activities.

WICE Awards Sub-Committee

The following WICE Awards shall be established:
• Outstanding Achievement Award
• Outstanding Service Award
• WICE Mentorship Award.

The WICE Committee shall establish an Awards sub-committee. The Awards sub-committee is chaired by the WICE chair. The voting members of the Awards sub-committee shall be: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Publicity Chair, and the Awards Sub-Committee Member-at-Large.
The Awards sub-committee shall solicit nominations for the WICE awards via email from the WICE members, assess the nominations for WICE awards and select recipients.
The nominations should include a concise description of the candidate’s contribution and any supporting material showing the significance of the nominee’s contributions.
Any person may nominate a candidate for the award, except the members of the WICE Awards sub-committee. Any individual, except members of the WICE Award sub-committee, may be nominated for the WICE awards. The nominee cannot be a recipient of the same award in the year previous to the nomination.